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TOP 5 Miami 305 Halloween Costumes according to Google

Just days away from all hallows eve and one is to wonder what shall I be for Halloween? Trusty Google is sure to help narrow down the decision.

Below are this year's top 5 Most popular costumes for the 2017 Miami Halloween season!


Shocker (not), it being one of the highest grossing films this year and of all time with a female lead it is no surprise this is the most searched costume not just locally but Nationally!

2. Rabbit

This has been a costume that has stood the test of time & with Miami being a city known to show skin it is no surprise that on the eve of legendary Hugh Hefner's passing that this would be one of the most popular costumes for the 2017 Halloween season here in Miami.

3. Clowns (might as well be IT)

Stepping the creep factor up a notch this year is this season's box office success IT. In traditional Americano fashion this has become one of the most popular searches this year for costumes. Original? I guess it all depends on perception.

4. Harley Quinn

Yep, Jokers main piece the glorious Harley Quinn or we should say "Queen" Makes the top 5 list of most popular Halloween Costumes in Miami for the second year in a row. No complaints here!

5. Moana

You cannot have a top 5 popular costume searches without at least one of Disney's magical characters making the list. This year the gold winner is Moana. Packed with drama related to racial appropriation (give me a break guys, it's a little girls halloween costume) Moana has made the list not just for her popularity amongst Disney aficionados, but her major box office success & let's face it, She's a bad ass!

We hope this has shed some light as to what you will be rocking this year through the endless rounds of Halloween adventures that await us in the 305!

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