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Top summer trends in Fashion & Tech for 2017 are in!

Summer is almost here, so get yourself in check for the hottest trends of the summer Per Vogues, Forbes and our exquisite picks!

Topping the list as always is that must-have color of the season coming in at number one this season the pick is pink!

All pinks, candy pink, baby pink, deep cherry and raspberry pink, pink is back ( as if it was ever gone)!

Another common Summer trend that has steadily been present in the last several years has been the use of Floral patterns. Every year it subtly evolves into bolder colors and patterns on all kinds of clothing where you may not typically expect to find it in such as in shoes and sportswear.

Ok so one of our favorite trends coming in this summer is the "warrior goddess/ God" look with the trendy metallic finish look being shown off in the runway this season. Spacey deep blues found in runways at Kenzo,

and Chanel with captivating futuristic accents bring it all together.


We Talked fashion trends now let's get into the tech trends of the summer!

At the top of this list you will find IoT or the Internet-of-Things in other words smart home technology. Already accessible with nifty home add-ons like HUE by Phillips, Smart home appliances, Smart home access, Smart home security and don't get us started on our smart cars. The world around us is steadily becoming "smarter" and easier to manage. Now that bigger companies such as Google, Amazon and apple have taken interest you can expect to see some major advancements in this field in the coming years.

Coming in second should be no surprise was last years number one VR or

virtual reality. Since the release of Oculus rift , HTC Vive and Playstation VR both virtual reality and AR (augmented reality) development has gotten a huge boost. Hundreds of games and useful apps have been released in the last year alone, with hundreds more in development. Thanks to major releases like the craze that was Pokemon Go last year vast improvements and releases are sure to come in the coming years from the VR & AR industries.

Human and tech incorporation help us bring this summer list of trends to a close. Since the inception of smart phones we have craved to access more and more information on the go. Tablets, fit bits, the ever popular iwatch make these integrations everyday much easier through the use of apps in

these devices. Track your heart rate, how many steps you walk in a day, turn your lights on remotely from home, track your overall daily efficiency or even how much water you drink throughout the day.These are some of the features already available in the market. In development you can discover to find microchip integrations that go directly on our bodies to track even more precise health parameters. You can also find Contact lenses and iglasses which are already available to assist with augmented reality apps.

We hope we have been able to shed some light as to what to expect in the fashion and tech world this coming summer & remember pink it out with ur iwatch at hand and you will be good to go!

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