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"Playlist MUST HAVE" Kerli delivers the highly anticipated Feral Hearts music video!

Kerli delivers her highly anticipated "Feral Hearts" music video to the much delight of her Moon babies!

Vocal enchantress Kerli is back! This Estonian Goddess has re-emerged stronger than ever after a year of reflection and hard work deep inside her Estonian forest temple.

FYI: Kerli is no newcomer to the game. I would consider Kerli to be the original Gaga in the sense that, she first came out a little bit before Gaga and magically when Gaga first came out she had a variety of similarities to this Estonian enchantress (Anyway, this piece is not about the gags). With hits like "The Lucky ones " or her playful "Tea Party" and countless others this moon Goddess grew a massive almost cult following referred to as "Moon babies" that have stuck by her through thick and thin (Us included!).

As most greats of our time, industry demands along with corporate propaganda seemed to had tried dwindling her success for god knows what reasons.

We speculate this is part of the reason why she took back to her roots of Estonia, took a deep breathe of fresh air and came back stronger than ever.

Always known for her highly animated imagery and power-house vocals, it's no gamble Kerli is here to be heard! Feral Hearts which is available now worldwide is the first release of her upcoming album (we hope).

Now as her latest video for Feral Hearts picks up track Kerli has stated in her Facebook account that more "Portals" will be opening.. We wonder what she may have in store for us!?

In this piece of music you can really hear the emotion in the music. You feel, smell, hear her journey in her vocals. Lyrically Kerli has never dissapointed and by far this is one of her strongest releases in recent times! She really let's us into her

mind in this one. After months of teasing a series of photos, videos and even pushing back the release date of the video we finally have a first glimpse into what is to come & we are anxious to see what else she has in store for her Moon babies!

So Moon babies unite and lets shine more light on our Kerli! Share this with all your friends and let's get her to hit over a million views! We would love to see her live and this is one sure way to gurantee she does a major tour! This Feral heart is out!

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