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Black Friday is back and we have the perfect guide to get you ready for the occasion. Follow our 10 Black Friday Rules of engagements & shop savvy!

November 2, 2017

Top 3 box office releases coming to a theater near you this weekend!

Here are the Top searched costumes in Miami for 2017 Halloween season

We have the IN on what are the TOP 3 MUST SEE movies of this weekend!


Seriously pinch us (ouch) just kidding guys! We cannot believe the time has come for Volume 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy (Cue in goosebumps). Ok so let's get to the low-down on volume 2.

It's usual b...

 Summer is almost here, so get yourself in check for the hottest trends of the summer Per Vogues, Forbes  and our exquisite picks!

Topping the list as always is that must-have color of the season coming in at number one this season the pick is pink! 

All pinks, cand...

April 30, 2017

We have the IN on what are the TOP 3 MUST SEE movies of this weekend!


Hitting close to home with how social media has slowly taken over our daily routines in this Novel based Movie we meet Mae played by Emma Watson who's been hired from obscurity to work for the world...

Kerli delivers her highly anticipated "Feral Hearts" music video to the much delight of her Moon babies!



Vocal enchantress Kerli is back! This Estonian Goddess has re-emerged stronger than ever after a year of reflection and hard work deep inside her Estonian forest t...